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Boss Peri Peri is a local takeaway in Ilford. We work with classic zest and regional influence to create starters, mains, sides and desserts that successfully add spice to every bite. Our cooking features flavour with prominence, providing representational sweet and savoury options that fuse sophistication and flair. Our food is a demonstration of cultural assets, showcasing the way spice and skilled seasoning can create deeply fragrant food.

Our Menu

Our menu is creative, varied and different. Our fresh grills offer wings, bites, strips and chops in bulk or as boxes, while our wraps offer a lighter bite that never-the-less contains all the juicy tastes we’re known for. From Peri Strip to grilled paneer and lamb, chicken or beef smash, our burgers are renowned for their unrivalled flavour, packed with expert seasoning, dressing and salad. Pickles, onion, tomato, cheese and sauce load up our patties, layering flavour in a way that really works. We also do sides, salads, desserts and shakes, catering to every kind of craving.

Our Specialities

Our specialities give our menu the zest it’s renowned for. Our Smash Burgers can be layered-up with extras, built to include the flavours you want. Designed to be topped-up, loaded-up and devoured, they’re bigger-than-bite-size patties that’re infused with the spice we do best. For something sweet, our Custard Shake hits the spot, full of a creamy richness that feels rightfully indulgent. 

Boss Deals

Boss Deals bring zing to what we do, allowing you to sample our food in abundance. From Box Mix Deals, offering wings, strips, chicken bites and sides, to our mighty Burger Deal, including up to 7 single burgers as well as extras, revelling in the joy of a real treat. Grab a box to go or a box to share, and tuck into a feast that’s full of flavour, seasoning and just the right amount of spice.

Try Our Wraps, Fresh Grills & Smash Burgers in London

As a family-run business, we pride ourselves on preparing food authentically, actively experimenting to create new flavour combinations. Through experience, we’ve acquired deep insight into how to make dishes that taste memorable. Order from our menu to sample what we do and find out why our takeaway is rated for providing the best food in Ilford.